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Neurodiversity in Control Centers

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of neurodiversity in the workplace. Neurodiversity refers to the range of neurological differences that exist between people, such as ADHD or autism, among others. These differences can bring unique strengths to the workplace, but can also present great

How much do you value your health?

There is a worrying global trend that is the worsening health and sense of well-being in the population, a problem that if applied to workers negatively affects the performance and productivity of company. And for employers that offer health insurance, in addition, it also implies an increasing cost. The following


How the dynamic KVM technology makes the work of the operators easier

Nowadays, operators can access only a certain part of the required information from their workplace, forcing them to physically change between different positions, having on each of them with one or more keyboards and mice to be able to control different systems and equipment. These changes that adapt and normalize

Aeropuerto Bucarest sala de control

How to design the most suitable Air Traffic Control console?

Designing a control console for the air traffic management is not a trivial matter, since there are several elements that exclusively exist in this kind of control centers that cannot be ignored. GESAB, with more than 30 years of experience designing technical furniture for critical environments, has achieved an immeasurable


How the design can make objects work better

In our first article dedicated to design, more specifically to the method called User Centered Design, we could see how the objects designed by placing the end user at the center of the process turn out to be a success. The objective of this aspect involve the user that finally

Centro de control moderno

Why it is important to upgrade and modernize the control center

Control centers are one of the most critical spaces within organizations, since this is a place where key processes are monitored. That is why maintaining the environment, tehcnology and processes updated will always be essential to guarantee a continuous operation, with the least number of incidents. It is very common

Latencia KVM

The importance of KVM IP latency

The transmission systems of image, keyboard and mouse or KVM were created to make it easy for users to operate multiple computers at the same time. Initially, they were local switches that allowed the sources located in the operator station to be viewed and managed using a single keyboard and

Digital Control Room

Digital Control Room. Operator empowerment

When talking about the future of control centers, one thinks of a high-tech environment, with sophisticated technical furniture as well as ultra-ergonomic and automated furniture

Makkah 911 control center

Key success factors to develop a showcase control room

Every day more and more organizations consider showing their operations management control rooms as the heart of their corporate image. The interest of whomever visits the core of the companies is very high since they want to see as internally as possible how it is done to optimize and succeed

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