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Carry out a customized project, personalized in every way, where the key is to listen to the client and work side by side with him, these are the foundations of the Custom Innovation philosophy developed by GESAB.

Outdated technology, increased activity and demand for management of more data, physical transfer of headquarters or the exhaustion of equipment are just some of the reasons that lead a company to undertake a DC project. Projects very different from each other, which may involve engineering and design from scratch, remodeling or upgrading of equipment among others.

Regardless of the reason for developing a Data Center project, it will imply a significant investment of resources, and in these cases, the availability and efficiency of the facilities is a priority. That is why it is essential to have a team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector who knows how to interpret the needs of the client and offers a tailor-made solution.

From the previous studies, GESABS’s team of technicians and engineers designs and proposes new engineering and re-engineering for Data Centers. Projects whose purpose is to guarantee the correct operation of the installations helping to reduce energy consumption, enhancing efficiency. GESAB offers comprehensive solutions for Data Center thanks to its specialized services and own product development.

Also, projects with a technical and aesthetic design where the greatest care is taken. The ability to adapt to different needs and demands allows to develop exclusive projects. In addition, GESAB has specialized in offering solutions for fully corporative Data Centers, where the brand image takes shape and is another expression of the company. Some examples can be seen in the Expert Timing DC or in the recently opened GAME Data Center.

In addition to the project design, the ability to develop the implementation tasks of civil works and installations is another point to take into account. A great advantage, since it is the same company that can manage from beginning to end the whole process being able to deliver a turnkey DC project.

Obtaining certifications is a very important point for companies within the IT world. The best known are the TIER Certification from Uptime Institute or TÜViT of TÜV Nord in Europe. GESAB has certified professionals who can help you throughout the process.

And finally, the maintenance of the facilities, essential to guarantee the correct operation of the same and the availability of the equipment, at all times.

A complex process since its beginning that seeks to complete a Data Center that ensures the availability of businesses and companies and helps, in turn, to reduce energy consumption always counting on the highest technology.

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