Efficient management at the control center: Micro DC and DeskWall, the definitive solution

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Control rooms and centers are critical environments where infrastructures and equipment play a decisive role: nothing can fail. 24/7 interconnected work spaces where it is usually necessary to have data center facilities that supply IT support to the entire room.

New solutions come about to facilitate connections and the maintenance of the room. What if we could move the data source closer to the room, where the data is required? All this without carrying out works or dedicating a large space for these installations. This is possible today thanks to micro data center solutions. Micro Data Centers are modular systems located inside the enclosure that have the same provisions as any other DPC: safety, power supply, cooling, fire protection and DCIM integration, among others.

The great advantage it entails is that, thanks to its configuration, we can also put the micro data center inside the actual control room, for instance, by reserving a space for its installation behind the videowall or by integrating it into any part of the room.

MicroDC systems are scalable, enabling an increase in both power and pieces of equipment or redundancy, and allowing the infrastructure to be adjusted and updated to the rhythm of the business.

Additionally, technological advances have enabled complete systems to be developed for the control of the Data Center that can be integrated into the operators’ own daily work system. DeskWall, the new generation of KVM, enables the management, administration, equipment control and data sources via a single keyboard and mouse in a revolutionary concept: the multi-canvas.

A new work philosophy that gives the operator the capacity to generate, with absolute flexibility, a display space of up to 12Kh, where all his applications, software, displays, apps, smart apps, web services, video IP, streaming, social media or widgets can be organized.

Thanks to the new generation of dynamic KVM, DeskWall, we can have access from any operator station, if necessary, to the indicators and controllers of the micro DPC that provides support to the room.

A series of proposals offering a joint solution to efficiently manage the operation of any control center or critical environment.

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