GESAB develops a configurator for its control consoles

GESAB Control Consoles Configurator
  • Users will be able to design personally the consoles of their control center according to their needs
  • The control console configurator is very intuitive and easy to use

GESAB continues its commitment to the development of innovative solutions aimed at offering an added value to its customers and with this premise, has designed a technologically innovative control console configurator.

This new online tool can be found on the GESAB website and provides the users with a unique experience where design the most suitable control console completely autonomously and intuitively according to the needs of their control center. The configurator allows the user to configure an individual console, a composition with several seats and even the module or meeting table. Once selected the technical furniture to design in the first step, it is very easy to play with all the variables available. A quick guide to using the configurator is continually available for reference.

The project of the configurator has been a challenge that the GESAB team faced with the maximum enthusiasm and motivation. The idea came up at a GESAB Innovation Comittee meeting where the need to offer a tool that allowed customers and partners to make different configurations and create a first sketch of our products by themselves was detected. In addition, the configurator allows users to know the control consoles from all their angles, as well as discover all the personalization options available.

The multidisciplinary team dedicated to the development of the configurator has worked very hard in creating and implementing a solution with an excellent design and extraordinary usability. The time invested, one of the most necessary resources to carry out the project, has resulted in a very powerful, practical and customer oriented tool.

Although the development of this new configurator has involved a great effort of all the GESAB team, the result could not be more satisfactory, since a spectacular solution has been created exponentially improves the user experience and allows, once more, to locate GESAB as the leader in its sector.

The configurator is currently available for the Advantis Air control console model, and work is already started to implement the rest of the consoles models so that a wider public can take advantage of this innovative system.


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