GESAB and Fountainhead Control Rooms, Inc. solidify their relationship in the U.S. market

7 aniversario entre GESAB y Fountainhead

GESAB and Fountainhead Control Rooms, Inc. have reason to celebrate. It has been 7 years since their business relationship began to provide the most innovative solutions for control centers in the United States. The alliance between GESAB and Fountainhead Control Rooms, a leader in the United States, proved to be a key factor in consolidating our presence in the US market, known to be very competitive and with very specific regulatory requirements, as well as those pertaining to design and customization needs.

The relationship between Fountainhead Control Rooms, Inc. and GESAB began in 2013. Jamie Clark, founder and CEO of Fountainhead Control Rooms, wanted to introduce technical furnishings for control rooms that had a higher material quality fit & finish, along with more dynamic lines in their design, making them less bulky, in a break from the more traditional concept offered by competitors. The synergies with GESAB were clear, and the first control room projects were soon underway.

Jamie Clark stresses the strong points of this business relationship. According to Mr. Clark, “our knowledge of the market and its needs and trends, along with our specialized subject matter expertise, together with GESAB’s knowledge of the control center sector allows us to offer extra added value, thus making it the most innovative proposal for the U.S. market.” On a similar note, Clark emphasizes “personalized consulting and advisory service for each client, as well as the ability to develop comprehensive projects, combined with GESAB’s team of engineers, designers and experts, in partnership with Fountainhead Control Rooms. All of this has led us to differentiate ourselves sharply from the competition, which has led us to design control rooms for a large number of organizations throughout the United States.”

There are many different markets for which Fountainhead Control Rooms and GESAB have developed custom solutions, in both the private and public arena. Our main clients include the energy, space and industrial sectors.
Some of our top success stories include a turn-key Network Operation Center (NOC) for Panasonic, and the development of a turnkey solution for eight (8) NASA control rooms for more than 220 operators located around the country. Fountainhead Control Rooms have also implemented several control center projects for the Avangrid energy services and delivery company, involving the design and commissioning of control consoles and a conference table with integrated technology for the BrightRidge electric company and a total of six (6) control room projects for the Graphic Packaging industrial company.

Fountainhead Control Rooms, Inc. has hundreds of control room projects served around the US and our continued partnership success with GESAB is demonstrated in every market segment and region.

Fountainhead Control Room’s showroom in Atlanta continues to evolve and incorporate new technology solutions and technical furnishings from GESAB so that clients can see the quality of the solutions in person. They are currently working on several projects and there are constant requests for information from new clients looking for solutions to meet their needs. This allows both GESAB and Fountainhead Control Rooms to continue to grow in the sector.

“Our relationship with Fountainhead Control Rooms has positioned us in a privileged spot in the American market, allowing our brand to expand and reach a level that otherwise would not have been possible. We are very satisfied that our paths are traveling in the same direction, striving to offer the most innovative and appropriate solutions for each client.” Pere Sabaté, CEO and founder of GESAB, goes on to say, “there is no doubt that this is just the beginning of great projects that we will implement along with Fountainhead Control Rooms in the years to come.”

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