GESAB returns to Datacenter Dynamics 2016 with new solutions for CDPCs

Noticia DATACENTER dynamics
  • The GESAB team will develop a report on data centre applied comprehensive engineering.
  • GESAB will present GIE VR (Gesab Immersive Experience), a virtual reality experience that will show the future of the data centre.
  • The GESAB engineering team obtained TUVIT accreditation.

GESAB returns to Data Centre Dynamics 2016 on 7th April to talk about new developments, such as the presentation of new solutions for data centres, a technical report or immersion in virtual reality. GESAB will be joined by several members of its team to show the latest data centre proposals and solutions in situ.

Through GESAB Immersive Experience, visitors can discover first-hand what is new in data centres by entering DPCs. Thanks to GIE VR, all attendees can enjoy a new experience and enter an actual data centre, and learn about the different projects developed.

Another new development is the awarding of TÜViT certification for data centres executed by the GESAB team. The TÜViT certificate guarantees that all DPC projects developed comply with regulations, which means that audits of existing facilities, the design of DPCs in accordance with regulations and the contribution of knowledge applied to continuous improvement can be offered. Furthermore, the developed process guarantees the availability and reliability of all data centre processes, helping improve the assessment of the company before bodies, testaments, audits and insurance companies.

The high point of the conference will be at 3.00 p.m., when GESAB is to present a paper on data centre applied comprehensive engineering, where it will set out the successful case of the design and execution of the Enagás DPC Project.

Anyone wishing to approach us may take advantage of the chance to get to know first-hand the new innovative solutions and comprehensive projects for DPCs being developed by GESAB from conceptualization to maintenance, via execution.



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