GESAB’s engineers have been awarded TÜViT (Trusted Site Infrastructure) accreditation

  • GESAB has a team of TSI (Trusted Site Infrastructure) Professionals.
  • On 7th April, GESAB will present the latest advances in DPC applied integral engineering at the Data Centre Dynamics event.

GESAB, an expert in technical and innovative data processing centre solutions, takes another step towards meeting the needs of its clients. Its engineering team now has TSI Professional certification, guaranteeing the correct and secure operation of projects managed. The TÜViT certificate guarantees the secure activity of CPDs, as well as their availability and reliability, thereby providing companies with added value before bodies, audit offices and insurance companies.

The TSI certification procedure has been developed on the basis of European standard EN 50600, in conjunction with standards of recognised bodies, such as ASHRAE, TIA or BICSI. Furthermore, such certification is based on international standards and is widely used by sectors as diverse as banking, Insurance, health, distribution, etc.

The GESAB team develops projects tailored to the client, enabling maximum energy efficiency and the best PUE level. We undertake comprehensive data processing centre projects from conceptualization to execution and maintenance. All our projects currently also have the TÜViT guarantee.
GESAB offers the chance to design DPCs in accordance with TSI standards, in order to conduct audits of existing facilities with clear guidelines for obtaining certification, and contributes knowledge applied to continuous improvement, thereby achieving objective and validated reliability, as well as tools to help with the audit and internal management.

On 7th April, GESAB will attend the Data Centre Dynamics event in Madrid, where its engineering team will present the latest comprehensive engineering solutions applied to DPCs.

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