INSIDE GESAB: Ecooling system; efficiency and effectiveness


In the periodic review that we do of the GESAB solutions, today we are going to highlight a system patented by our company: ECOOLING.

It is the air conditioning system for data processing centers (data centers) that refrigerates the equipment taking advantage of the external air. A natural resource within your reach in a free way and with a  surprising reduction of the expense.

The System takes advantage of the enthalpy of the external air to acclimatize by means of a direct FREE-COOLING.

An Inconvenient Truth

33% of energy consumption in data centers is due to air conditioning equipment

Source: The Green Grid

Energy consumption has become the second largest operating cost of the DPC,

reaching up to 70%

Source: Gartner

In the coming years the equipment density “or Footprint Footprint” will grow by 40% due to

the new generation of blade servers “Blade”

Source: The Uptime Institute

With Ecooling, everything is an advantage

Five decisive factors to install the system Ecooling:

PUE:1,25 annual (monthly PUE of 1,10)
DCiE:80% annual (monthly DciE of 91%)
ROI:Amortization between 2.5 and 3 years
EFFICIENCY:Energetic saving of up to 80%
EMISSIONS:C02 reduction, up to 54%
REDUNDANCY:Increases the working life of the prescision machines

360 Audit DPC: The smallest detail can be the most important

In GESAB, we have an integral vision of the projects. From the dialogue to the conceptualization. From the engineering to the construction.

  • We apply a methodology and rigorous procedures for each one of the phases of the integral process
  • We make an analysis of the current situation
  • We speak with our clients to know the amplification possibilities and growth, of space or limitations
  • We carry out a diagnosis
  • We propose integral solutions

Infraestructures consultancy

We collaborate with our clients offering them integral efficient solutions that help to get their objectives. What does the client really need? Does it need help to carry out a project? Does the client want GESAB to carry out a study of its necessities?

The experience of GESAB in the development of data center engineering, as well as the later execution of them, has given us a global perspective of the design and the execution. It is a continuous learning that has endowed us with the necessary general and integrative vision to offer a service of Integral consultancy of the data center. Our knowledge of the necessities and problems of the client as well as of the normative of applicable safety in the field of the data center leads us to offer a good solution.

The project management is the key in the design, programming, development, control and leadership of a project to fulfill the marked objectives successfully. For that reason, GESAB has professionals that coordinate, in a global way, each project, from the beginning to the end.

  • To listen to the client and to understand their necessities
  • To design each one of the stages
  • To control all the phases
  • To contribute alternative solutions in the face of variations in the execution
  • With everything, always assuring an optimization of the resources, time, costs and quality.

Audit BICSI / TIA 942

Under our clients petition, we check that their facilities are designed and executed in accordance with the actual industrial normative BICSI and the normative TIA942 with their different levels of TIER


Our service of preventive and corrective maintenance assures the full operation of a data processing centers (data centers). It Guarantees the zero cut.

We offer our clients different maintenance modalities, we adapt to their necessities, budget and criticality of their facilities.

We carry out the confirmations, tests, repairs, substitutions and necessary adjustments so that the data center is always under the best operation conditions, guaranteeing, in this way, the continuity of the operations.

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