Isolation solutions for Data Center: cold / hot corridors

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The efficiency and energy savings in datacenter has become a priority for all companies, both suppliers and customers.

One of the implemented solutions is the physical separation between the hot and cold aisles by an enclosure. To this end, we install separation panels, including doors, that fully enclose the space occupied by the cold air (cold aisle enclosure) or heated (hot aisle enclosure). Logically, to implement this system it is necessary to have a set of corridors in the datacenter.

By implementing this measure, mix hot and cold air is avoided. This allows us to be more efficient in the production of refrigeration (increases CRACs performance) and simultaneously reduce system losses, optimizing the load to dissipate heat and reducing demand, reducing the running time of the HVAC units  and thus increases its life and reduce consumption.

By placing an enclosure or hot / cold aisle, we can raise the temperature of the inlet air to the servers and thus the return temperature to the air conditioning units will also rise. A higher temperature means that the drive unit operates longer above the condensation temperature, so that the latent capacity to be used by the unit will be less and can take over the power unit in the decreasing temperature (power sensitive). In addition, less condensation in turn implies less need for dampening which reduces the high consumption due to air humidification.

All these effects also allow, in installations under design, reducing the total installed capacitym, thus the investment required will be less.

GESAB has developed a system called CCNOC® corridors enclosure (Cold Corridor for Network Operation Center) with the possibility of integrating EGLON V2 GESAB cabinets and ready to adapt any other cabinets, offering a versatile and scalable solution that can be adapted to multiple configurations and contemplate growth forecasts.

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