New EGLON V2 video: Breathes in high definition

eglon V2

The GESAB R+D+I team updated recently the company’s racks range with a great success, both in the Spanish market and internationally. To reveal this effort and this new air that the company wants to give tothe data processing centers (DPC), comes a new product video. Thanks to high definition and modern recording techniques, the viewer is able to access to the guts of the most efficient and durable racks on the market. The EGLON V2 range is setting trends and reaches its peak when the solution CCNOC, the cold corridor enclosure that ensures energy savings of up to 30 percent and, thereby, makes the datacenter more sustainable.

GESAB has revolutionized the market of the racks. The contrast between technical innovation, elegance and safety, together with  the effectiveness and the professionalism, is the process towards the excellence of a system: EGLON V2.

The design of our brand  is unmistakable. GESAB has redefined the rack concept completely with our own  formal  and harmonious language. EGLON V2 impresses for its robustness, its dynamic and elegant lines, and an overwhelming presence.

We design and we manufacture racks for low, medium and high density, 100% compatible with Blade Server®.

The server enclosure EGLON V2 is the answer to a growing necessity of flexibility in the face of the technological changes.

It stands out for its robustness, dynamic lines and elegance. It presents an exclusive and novel free ventilation system of up to 85%, guaranteeing an extraction of more than 43.000 BTU.


Main features:

  • 10 Years Guarantee
  • 2000 Kg resistance of static load
  • Heights: 30U, 42U and 45U.
  • Widths of 600mm and 800mm.
  • Depths: 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm.
  • Perforated front Door Air Deflector® (+85% ventilation)
  • Blind front Door with security glass
  • Double back doors for the optimization of the space
  • Multi-brand certified
  • Blade Server® compatible.
  • STA (Service Technical Area) dedicated for wiring administration

Accessories and much more

EGLON V2 is an alive system and in constant evolution, generating new accessories and components adaptable to the demands and necessities of the market.

EGLON V2 incorporates the patented Service Technical Area in the rear part for the location of passive and active equipment assets in a safe, hidden and orderedly way.

The system

EGLON V2 is the only system able to provide a safe, professional and personalized answer to each client, allowing its adaptation in any moment, independently of any technological changes.

The V2 platform allows to evolve towards the lastest generation of climatic solutions: CCNoc (Cold Corridor for Network Operation Center) or the exclusive PDCS (Plenum Direct Cooling System).

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