Smart University, the Data Center for the education of the future

The digital and internet evolution has invaded everything, education, the way people relate to information is constantly evolving and changing. The Internet of Things era is the present and the future; We are constantly generating new information like never before in history.

Education centers such as universities need to have fully equipped Data Center infrastructures to supply the constant demand for computing power, information and resources: students, teachers, research projects, etc. We live in a world increasingly connected between people and the world, the digital revolution in education has arrived.

But in what precepts should we base ourselves to have the ideal Data Center for a Smart University? Let’s start from scratch, from completely renovated facilities in which we must emphasize redundancy, energy efficiency and modular growth foreseeing possible expansions in the future.

The DC must have an infrastructure that offers high storage capacity. The different configurations of servers and the possibility of playing with electronics will be some of the keys that allow the university to face the different challenges that must be faced.

We must not forget corporativization. There is an increasing tendency to customize this type of installations, not only at a technical level, but also through the image. A Data Center project may be the perfect excuse to show the full potential of the university. The possibilities of customizing these types of environments are very broad and can be a reflection of the organization’s brand identity and point in its favor in promotion and visibility tasks.

Balance between technology, innovation and design to create the perfect CPD, to help the next generations to move forward and become passionate about education and technology.

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