Technical floor, the principle of efficiency in Data Centers

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The technical floor, presently featured in most Data Center projects, is a versatile, modular and scalable solution that helps optimizing the entire infrastructure of the Data Center. The wiring, the fire protection system, the power supply lines and the refrigerated air distribution, among other applications, are all fitted under the raised technical panels.

The Air Driving Floor raised technical floor system developed by GESAB is composed of technical panels with up to 50% of its surface perforated. It features a universal mounting system, a rustproof regulation system and offers maximum efficiency and sustainability. A perfect solution for any IT facility. Adaptable custom-made solutions are the key to success.

Installing a technical floor in the infrastructure of our Data Center provides several advantages:

  • Modular adaptability. The technical floor can be adapted to the size of the Data Centers facility, allowing for modular growth when necessary.
  • High Resistance. Thanks to its composition and the placement of its structure, this kind of solution can withstand a heavy load of equipment per square meter.
  • Security and accessibility to critical areas of the systems, such as the wiring, the refrigeration system, the power supply, etc. Through technical floors, we provide easy access for maintenance/repair tasks within the facility.
  • Cost and investment reduction. Because it is a modular solution, and that connections are easy to implement, maintenance is cheaper as it is scaling the Data Centers.
  • Better visual look and cleaner spaces. The technical floor hides all the wiring and systems that would normally give a messy look to the facility, without affecting performance.

When we use a raised floor as plenum to move the air, it is necessary to pay close attention to the location of the perforated panels in order to insure the IT equipment is properly refrigerated. By using adjustable panels, this process is greatly simplified, providing also flexibility for possible future variations.

It is important to rely on a company with experience in the installation of technical floors, given that wrongly distributed wiring under the panels may affect refrigerated air circulation or cause losses in airflow, which can lead to a shortage of air in certain areas, decreasing efficiency and increasing operating costs.

However, what if we want to avoid technical floors altogether? Some experts mention some advantages, such as lowering costs by eliminating infrastructures or the ease with which equipment may be maintained or even how easy it would be to install new elements of the data center. By elimination the technical floor, we would have to manage all the structural wiring above the racks, and have said racks sit directly on the floor. We would gain space at the top of the room, and the refrigeration system would have to be installed in that area, using units that work by displacing air, or in any case, lateral refrigeration systems, such as the In Row System.

The use of technical floors has cemented itself as the norm in Data Center facilities and relying on a professional engineering team will provide us the expertise required to choose the option best suited to our needs. We must not forget that customized solutions contribute to the proper growth of the Data Centers, making its management more effective while reducing maintenance and expansion costs.

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