The Future Needs Micro Data Centers


Micro Data Centers are positioning themselves as a trend with more presence in the market each day, due to their versatility and the great number of benefits they offer. A Micro Data Center is a modular and scalable solution that offers the same performance as a traditional data center: UPS, fire and cooling systems, access control, etc.

By being a modular solution, it is flexible; and by being scalable, it makes it possible to expand it in response IT needs. However, it also offers other benefits:

  • It is an affordable solution, which is evident when compared to the investment necessary for a traditional data center project.
  • It is scalable in battery and components, as mentioned before, which means it can adapt to different needs.
  • It is easy to install and transport.
  • Modules can be implemented while the Micro Data Center is operating.

The success of Micro Data Centers lies in that they are ideal solutions for specific applications, as for example, a Micro Data Center can complement the service of a data center at a specific time, in a facility where it is impossible to carry out an expansion. They are also ideal to be taken to remote locations, risky or temporary use places, given that, we simply unplug them and move them.

In addition, we must not forget that Micro Data Centers offer the same performance as their bigger siblings regarding, for example, access control, fire systems and numerous types of air conditioning systems, which means we are covered in those aspects. Regarding power, these systems do not go over 10Kw.

The traditional model, where big data centers used to operate and distribute data throughout the world across thousands of kilometers to provide service, seems to be becoming obsolete. The solution includes installing data centers closer to data sources, which will also allow us to achieve greater speeds.

The standardizing and pre-manufacturing of these pieces of equipment will provide higher accessibility and, in turn, higher use. Cost reduction would be an important step towards their mass use and improving their service capacity and reliability.

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