Virtual reality applied to Data Center design

The business use of virtual reality technology is growing and expanding to a large number of industries and businesses. A good example of the growth and expansion of this technology is found on the Data Center industry. The possibilities presented to the client seem limitless and the future perspectives are promising.

Using virtual reality to envision projects and bring them to life is greatly advantageous for engineers, builders and for the end consumer, who can experience what it feels to be “inside” the future Data Center. Some of said advantages include:

  • A great capacity to deliver clear information and the general concepts of the project to the client.
  • It facilitates the decision making process given that the client can virtually experience the Data Center as if it were the final product.
  • It saves possible modification expenses. Because the client has complete and visual information about the DC, if changes are needed, they can be identified and evaluated before the installation process is even started, thereby avoiding costly modifications.
  • It takes advantage of a universal language, imagery. Presenting a DC through virtual reality is one of the easiest ways to communicate the basics of the project and make the client understand it regardless of language, cultural, or religious barriers.
  • User experience. The immersive capabilities of this technology help the client explore projects while offering them a unique experience.
  • Maximum customization. Virtual reality allows for the creation of spaces with different components and realities, where configurations, colors, lighting and many other aspects can be changed, and all those options can be visualized in real time inside one single project, it truly is the client’s choice.

GESAB has been able to understand its clients’ needs and the constant evolution of an industry as complex and technical such as the IT industry. Virtual reality comes as an opportunity provided by the latest technology, a new way to interact and communicate with the client. That is why GESAB has developed its own virtual reality visualization system, the GIE VR (Gesab Immersive Experience) System.

Thanks to the GIE VR System, the clients can navigate and explore the different characteristics of their projects in a very intuitive and realistic way, something that was impossible in the past. The entire process is improved, as well as the decision-making. Future technology applied to the business reality of today.

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