Visitable Data Centers, the importance of image

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Data centre facilities are constantly evolving in the face of continuous technological development, but does this evolution have to be contrary to aesthetics? When we talk about data centres or data centers, many people imagine rooms full of white, black or grey servers with no personality, whose machines simply perform their duty.

But technology and innovation are not incompatible with design, and we can create an aesthetically attractive data centre with maximum functionality. The next question that arises is why do I want to have a visitable data centre? Below are some keys:

  • We can find components for a data centre, such as racks, aisle containment or technical floor with different formats and designs, some with a more impeccable aesthetic than others, which need not entail in increase in the cost of the project; it is simply an appropriate choice.
  • We can corporatize rooms with the company’s logo, thereby making our data centre a point of reference, and proudly show some modern, functional and impeccable facilities. This helps promote the company image and brand positioning.
  • Certain companies base their business on data management and storage. If we have a visitable , clients and potential clients will be able to “see” how secure their data can be. This is another requirement: to project an image of security and trust.
  • In these kinds of projects, all the measures and systems of a conventional data centre can be included, such as refrigeration, access control, firefighting and alarm systems, etc.

One good example of a visitable data centre was the project developed by GEASAB for Expert Timing. The company needed to show its customers its full potential and that its data was secure at facilities that had the latest benefits. GESAB understood perfectly the customer’s needs and a data center was created with impeccable aesthetics and maximum functionality. The installation of the cold and hot aisle containment and access control gave the facility the appearance of a data bunker, while the transparent technical floor and LED lights added the final details.

Older facilities can also be adapted to give them a touch of design, as in the case of Tevlevisa, where GESAB developed an aesthetic adaptation of the data center already installed in accordance with the company’s corporate image, and the facilities were completed with two Advantis NG consoles for the NOC control room. The aim is to create compatible facilities and infrastructure with attractive design and any components and systems that offer efficiency and a guarantee, which is not incompatible.

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