Welcome to the era of the hybrid cloud


We are facing a constant evolution in terms of the perspectives and demands of the IT world. The development of new technologies together with the growing avalanche of generated data, as well as everything relating to the Internet of Things and Edge Computing make us reconsider the current architecture of our businesses with regard to the IT field.

Hybrid cloud systems are offered as an optimum solution to address the new challenges that companies need to face. Spanish culture with a significant in-house resources tendency is increasingly opening up to these types of solutions.

The complexity of systems and a greater demand for availability mean that a new architecture needs to be created that harmoniously connects both systems. Any new tools and platforms that effectively connect the applications, data sources and resources to facilitate understanding and a fast response.

But what about those applications or resources in which we need to have our own data centre facilities? Back-up systems, analytics, file server, domain controller; the possibilities here to have our own equipment along with a cloud becomes interesting. A versatile option can be to opt for a modular micro data centre or data centre container solution.

An enclosure solution that has the same benefits as any other Data Center: security, cooling, firefighting systems and DCIM integration, among others. The implementation of these types of solutions is quick and entails a lesser economic impact than that of a conventional solution. A solution with multiple advantages:

  • Rapid implementation
  • Easy to manage
  • Reusable
  • Secure environment
  • Standardized
  • Cost effective
  • Autonomous and efficient in terms of consumption
  • Ideal for Private Cloud and Converged IT

This will give us control over and full protection of our data, in addition to completing our capacity with this equipment. The modular solutions designed by GESAB have last technology components, pre-configured according to each project’s needs in order to enable easy and rapid implementation thanks to its Plug & Play system. A very interesting option to quickly adapt to constant technological changes.

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