Why Certify your DPC with TSI TÜViT

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What if you could professionally certify the performance and security levels of your Data Center’s facilities? What if, on top of that, this would represent added value to your company?

What is the TSI TÜViT certification?

The TSI (Trusted Site Infrastructure) TÜViT certification is a certification that, through a series of standards and physical, organizational and security IT criteria, guarantees the status and proper operation of the DPC.

The TSI TÜViT certification guarantees the secure activity of the DPC, its availability and reliability, providing companies added value in the eyes of entities, clients, auditors, insurers and stakeholders.

This certification is valid for 2 years and can be extended for other 2 years through a re-certification process. The auditory and visit to the client must take place six months prior to the certification’s expiration date in order to solve possible issues or inconveniences that may be detected and stop the certification’s renewal.

What is it based on?

The TSI TÜViT certification is based on European market standards such as the IT-Grundschutz catalogues of the BSI (Federal Information Office of Germany), as well as international ones (EN and DIN, and specifically the standard EN 50600, the VDE regulations and the VdS publications). All to guarantee that the DPC operation is close to 100%.

Whom is it directed to?

TÜViT certifies the operations of the facilities. All of the studies and the results of the audits are not only good to achieve the certification, its contents are also useful to a wide range of professionals, from technical Infrastructure Operators, Data Processing Center Operators and Designers, CISOs, CIOs, the Quality Managers and the Auditors of the ISO 27001, and ISO 22301 Standards among others.

Benefits of the certification

The certification is well known and used globally by companies of industries as diverse as banks, transportation, electricity companies, etc. That any company knows the operations of the real infrastructure and capacity of their DPC is something, in itself, very interesting, if on top of that we can add a differentiating value to our facilities, the TSI TÜViT certification becomes almost essential.

The certification also guarantees orientation regarding the definition of requirements when designing a new Data Processing Center and an objective assessment of the providers in this important area. We can also mention as an advantage the evidence it provides of the internal audit processes and account management and can serve as an objective sample of the reliability of the facilities, given that it can demonstrate their security and capabilities have been validated.

Certification process

The certification process has various stages. The first is attending a one-day seminar where, among other things, there is the first discussion about the project, the documentation is presented and a physical inspection of the DPC takes place.

After that, if the client so decides it, it is time for an evaluation where the facilities are checked, as well as the documentation presented. Once the facilities have been analyzed considering the TSI requirements, it is time to issue a report with the findings and, if positive, the certification is provided.

GESAB’s engineering team obtained the professional TSI TÜViT accreditation, which allows our professionals to carry out audits to equipment and facilities, hence offering global coverage regarding Data Centers.

GESAB manages all kinds of projects for Data Centers, from design and execution to maintenance and audits, all of which with its own components and solutions. We will help you with your next project.

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