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One of the most important pillars of the GESAB Group is Research, Development and Innovation. We invest all our time, talent and resources in innovating. New ideas are the ones that have defined GESAB from the beginning. The future is exciting and full of possibilities.

Thanks to the group’s commitment to R&D&i, we offer our clients original last generation products and solutions that are protected by invention patents and utility models, industrial and intellectual property laws, copyright, and brands and logos in different categories, such as National, Community and International.

A patent is an exclusive right granted to an invention that is the product or system that offers a new way of doing something or a new technical solution. Patents constitute incentives for teams, since they offer recognition for their creativity and innovation, and guarantee the constant improvement of the quality of human life.

Patented inventions have invaded all aspects of human life, from electricity and plastic to the pen and microprocessors. Patents enrich the world’s entire body of technical knowledge. This growing volume of knowledge promotes greater creativity and innovation in other people. Therefore, patents provide not only protection, but also valuable inspiration for future generations that must invest in R&D&i.

At GESAB we pool our efforts, interests and opinions to meet the needs put forward by our clients and develop differential solutions and products; because we work from our knowledge of technology and innovation, from dialogue and assessment; because there is no greater commitment than that of a job well done. We develop alternatives that optimise our products and solutions, encourage the efficacy of our systems and practice smart saving, so that our clients can enjoy the most innovative solutions whatever their needs.

At GESAB we work and research using the resources within our reach to explore new paths that are productive for our clients and respectful of nature; because the environment is our greatest commitment to a guaranteed future.