GESAB takes part in the command center of Mecca.

The Saudi General Director of Civil Defence, Saad bin Abdullah Al-Tuwaijri, recently inaugurated the Mecca wireless communications control room. This is a facility that ensures the safety of hundreds of thousands of Muslim pilgrims who flock every year to the holy city. From the control room of Mecca operatos coordinate all police and civil protection teams, in addition to instantly
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New EGLON V2 video: Breathes in high definition

The GESAB R+D+I team updated recently the company’s racks range with a great success, both in the Spanish market and internationally. To reveal this effort and this new air that the company wants to give tothe data processing centers (DPC), comes a new product video. Thanks to high definition and modern recording techniques, the viewer is able to access to
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GESAB has something that will surprise you (chapter 5)

Fusion, bonding, amalgam, synergy. Every synonym is good, if we can get different materials and technologies work together to deliver optimal performance. GESAB  Group has over 20 years building materials studies, ergonomic designs and configurations to reach the highest levels in their products and solutions. Ergonomics is a key to the team’s work GESAB design. Recall some important concepts: The
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GESAB has something that will surprise you (chapter 4)

Safety and risk prevention comes first. Before addressing issues of efficiency and effectiveness in day to day, we must ensure that persons working in an area are safe and that continued use of the workplace will not undermine their welfare. Let’s take a look back at history: Occupational safety and health (OSH) is a cross-disciplinary area concerned with protecting the
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GESAB has something that will surprise you (chapter 3)

Let the air flow. Let the equipments to have the flow they need to deliver maximum performance. We seek to achieve efficiency and effectiveness. They are not the same and must be supplemented: Efficiency in general describes the extent to which time or effort is well used for the intended task or purpose. It is often used with the specific
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GESAB has something that will surprise you (chapter 2)

The seamless connection and communication among technologies encourages adaptation. GESAB designs and develops products and solutions adapted to the reality of the needs not only of the workplace but also of the people that make it work. The iPhone, iPad, Galaxy SIII and Nexus 7 Tablet will not feel strange in the new creation of GESAB. On the contrary, they
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GESAB has something that will surprise you (Chapter 1)

“The perfect works are the result of time you invest on it.” Based on that phrase, much used by the CEO of GESAB, Pere Sabaté, and leitmotif of the human team of the company, began a process of more than two years of work. A development that is nearing completion. Soon, GESAB will present something new, different, innovative, surprising. And
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INSIDE GESAB: Ecooling system; efficiency and effectiveness.

In the periodic review that we do of the GESAB solutions, today we are going to highlight a system patented by our company: ECOOLING. It is the air conditioning system for data processing centers (data centers) that refrigerates the equipment taking advantage of the external air. A natural resource within your reach in a free way and with a  surprising reduction of
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New control center in Son San Joan Aiport (Palma de Mallorca)

AENA’s new control center in Son San Joan Airport is already working. Located on the sixth floor of the terminal building of the airport of Palma de Mallorca and with the objective of improving the optimization of resources, the CGA will take charge of controlling all the operative movements in real time of airships, passengers, baggage, infrastructures and information systems.
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