Design and technical interior

Design and technical interior

The smallest detail can be the most important, for that reason we leave nothing to chance. Our value resides in a global vision of the projects: From the choice of a colour to the ordering of a center, from the dialogue to the execution.

In GESAB, we believe that the value is not only in the result, but in the processes that precede it. We know how important it is for our client. We know what to do and how to do it.

GESAB is guarantee for the future.

  • Conceptualization, design and consultancy of the new project

  • Study of the investment-benefit looking for the balance for each necessity

  • Our own specific products for each concrete environment

  • Execution and construction turnkey

We have experience in all the environments: airport administration, defence, security, emergencies, energy, telecommunications, systems, industry, traffic air /road, administration railway/maritime/customs, sanity, etc.


We work according to the international normative

  • ISO 11064 (Which regulates all the parameters to bear in mind in the construction of a control center)

  • ISO TC159 Technical Committee for the design of control centers, operator stations and systems visualization

We also have the most demanding certificates, approvals and controls.

Our engineers translate beauty into effectiveness; the dazzling into safety; the sublime into perfection. The indispensable infrastructures that transform the comfort and the design into an operative and functional environment. Technology to the service of the demand. Innovation for a GUARANTEE FOR THE FUTURE.


Know how

Two steps back to take impulse. A reflection moment. Speed. And a jump. We take a look back only to see from where we came. We look forward to see where we are going. To improve.

Because the work can only guide us towards perfection. And today’s perfection can be overcome tomorrow.

know how


Value and principles united by a common, motivated and understood objective, perfectionists and resolving, they transform the union into profession. We call it a team.

Fusion of characters, of opinions, of reasons that offer results that contribute solutions that respond to a voice, yours. With seriousness, with disposition, with spirit of improvement.




Beauty in a form. The importance of the background. Aesthetic and functional balance in benefit of a process. In benefit of a result. Perfect, sensitive, human lines. A closed and open space, full of possibilities.

Because things should be so and seem so.

Unique and personalized projects

proyectos únicos

We have a multidisciplinary team of engineers, architects, computer graphics, product engineers and designers that elaborate meticulous work as a team.

Professionals specialized in control and decision centers whose goal is to create projects of a great quality, unique and personalized that adapt in all moments to each client’s specific necessities.

3D Computer Graphics


The perfect union man-machine for the creation of a virtual reality that is exactly the same as the tangible reality. That is our commitment: an executable, real project.

We can say without shame that our 3D computer graphics team flourishes talent on all sides.

They are professionals that pick up the baton of the technical office and that, thanks to the most modern work stations and design programs, guide the trust of our clients to the final result.

infografía bbva

3D computer graphics project BBVA (virtual reality)

resultado bbva

Photographs project BBVA (final result)


The ergonomics allows that all activity is carried out with the maximum quality and precision. The person is in the center of each of our projects. The day by day means to work, to make decisions and to make use of the technology. We spend many hours in the work position and it is essential to design solutions adapted to the real necessities of people.

  • Visualization studies

  • Acoustic studies

  • Light studies

  • Ergonomic studies

  • Air conditioning studies


The Human Factor

Adding efforts, interests and opinions, we get personalized projects, to respond to necessities, to complete desires. To listen, to converse and to agree are fundamental aspects in our relationship with the client, in the design of the project and in the success of our solutions. Because the main character is not the object, but the person that puts it into operation.

factor humano


In 1879, Thomas A. Edison illuminated the world. 140 years later, the light continues guiding a road, that of the innovation. Start and begin. The innovation translated into the simplicity of an expression. See and feel. The subtle experience of brilliant inventions, of supreme materials, of sensational lines. The innovation exists you see it, you touch it, you feel it . It serves.



The technological to the service of the human. The security and the trust that never fail. The activity and the attitude that never faint. The technology is to be used. So that it can be obtained once and a thousand times more..