Multimedia desks

Innovative spaces with integrated technology, designed to make decision making easier and create collaborative environments, an exclusive concept for the design of meeting, board and videoconferencing rooms.



GESAB creates spaces thinking about the meeting

To make communication and exchange of ideas easier, innovative spaces that favor decision making by placing people at the center of the action. Meeting, board and videoconferencing rooms design in which ergonomics and technology play a key role.

A concept, a completely customized solution to adapt to different needs and workspaces such as corporate rooms, decision rooms, critical environments 24/7 or technical office. GESAB’s team performs a complete study of the lighting, ergonomic, air conditioning, etc. conditions, to develop comprehensive projects and exclusive solutions.

GESAB specializes in offering global solutions for special and turnkey projects. The customized study allows the design of fully adapted spaces with unique results.

The GESAB process

diseño mesas GESAB


Conceive the project in a global way and design unique spaces to make decision making easier in any kind of environment, even in the most critical.

fabricación mesas GESAB

Design and production

Design and production made by GESAB, that allow to completely control the production process with full guarantee.

personalización mesas GESAB


Special and turnkey projects 100% adapted to the needs of customers. Detailed studies for excellent results.

We help you with your next project

The integration of the technology is basic to offer a high quality and functional product. The possibility of controlling data, images, sound, power, the transmission of information, all from a single point. As well as the possibility of incorporating the Personal Dock where all users have quick access to power, audio, voice and data connectors. An integration based on a design of pure, uniform lines.

Innovation in tables for meeting rooms

Innovation as a starting point and satisfaction of the customer’s expectations as a goal, GESAB’s work is based on the care for details and absolute customization. Movement. Modular design. Unique, original and brilliant solutions to create new parameters in meeting rooms in any field. GESAB’s design and quality, focused on increasing the efficiency and well-being of the users, are present from the tables of small meeting rooms to the implementation of major projects.

mesas a medida para oficinas

Corporate rooms

A clear commitment to technology and customization. GESAB develops exclusive projects where we work with the client from the beginning to meet its needs. The ability to approach projects individually allows us to create unique, corporate spaces that help to enhance the clients’ brand and company image.

Ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic, modern and perfectly adapted to the needs of the project, the chairs for meeting rooms meet the highest requirements. In GESAB we have all the necessary elements to integrate the meeting and gathering places.

The own design and production allow to offer comprehensive, adapted and functional solutions always taking care of the ergonomics and the comfort. GESAB helps to create collaborative communication experiences with integrated technology, a new concept in meeting rooms.

sillas ergonómicas

Continuous collaboration with the client

Our team works in constant cooperation with the client from the beginning of the project, in this way we face the conceptualization phase with the maximum guarantees and with the certainty of being working only in those ideas that will represent greater benefits for our clients.