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Innovation and design with more than 25 years of experience.
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Innovation and design with more than 25 years of experience

atm 2019 gesab

GESAB will present new proposals that place the operator of the control room at the centre of the action. The consoles specially designed for control towers and air traffic management land. GESAB participates in a new edition of ATM World Congress in Madrid, a unique event in the field of security and air traffic throughout Europe. The latest technology and... Read more →

Consola de control ACTEA Slide

ACTEA Slide is one of the new consoles that make up the ACTEA Series, the new generation that offers the longest structural system on the market and amazing adaptability. Last generation materials and integrated technology to offer operators a unique experience. Available in three sizes: small, medium and large, its rear technical compartment enables it to adapt to the customer’s... Read more →


Discover the new digital visual ergonomics

The working environment of a control centre inevitably leads us to think of a multitude of screens, in a concentrated space where operators manage systems, processes and information. In them, an operator is exposed to several monitors, in addition to having large-format audio-visuals such as video walls at their workplace. In this type of space, it is not surprising that...


GESAB Health arrives at ISE 2019, the definitive transformation of control centres

Discover the new digital visual ergonomics thanks to DeskWall. Witness the launch of the latest news from GESAB, a new ecosystem that will change control centres around the world. Begins the new edition of ISE Amsterdam and GESAB will participate one more year to launch its latest news to the European market. A unique opportunity to discover the new concept...


Why investing in health and ergonomics in control centres?

Critical environments are workspaces where critical processes and information are managed, essential for the proper functioning of numerous systems and processes in sectors as varied as security, traffic, energy, industrial or air among others. For a long time an essential aspect in the proper performance of the different activities that are usually carried out has not been taken into account,...


Ferrovial Energy Control Centers

Background and challenges Ferrovial Servicios needed to have a workspace in which to centralize its energy efficiency control services. GESAB, has extensive experience in the development of energy management control centers, which is crucial for Ferrovial to bet on the company for the execution of this project. ; Solution GESAB proposed to the client the design of a simple space... Read more →

represa itaipú gesab centro de control

Itaipú Control Room

Background and challenges Itaipu Binacional has distinguished itself for remaining at the forefront with regard to technology and with this project was seeking to innovate in the proposal for the IT/MD Superintendency Monitoring Station on both sides of the hydroelectric dam, the Paraguayan one and the Brazilian one. Itaipu Binacional required last generation operating and display equipment with 24/7 environment... Read more →

cias c5 queretaro gesab

C5 Queretaro

Background and challenges The Government of the State of Queretaro sought to concentrate the technical and operational coordination of the entire technological infrastructure in terms of security in a single building. A complex in which different institutions and security elements could collaborate directly such as: police, fire, Civil Protection, paramedics, General Prosecutor’s Office, National Defence Secretariat and 911 team. The... Read more →

sala de reuniones enagas gesab

Enagás Meeting Room

Background and challenges Within the development of the new project in the Dispatching area, two spaces for meeting rooms and video conferences are framed. Collaborative environments to facilitate dialogue and the exchange of ideas among professionals. GESAB was in charge of designing an innovative space, with the aim of facilitating meeting points for employees, placing people at the center of... Read more →

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