Digital Control Room

GESAB has been 30 years in the forefront of control rooms and now it takes a step further in the empowerment of operators. Process automation, greater collaboration, ease of sharing and managing information, extensive control of procedures, interconnection amongst operator's station, videowall and crisis rooms, smart consoles, IoT.

Comprehensive projects for control centers

Conceptualization, engineering and implementation of 24/7 control rooms

The new era of control centers places operators at the center of the action, offering global information management and the interconnection of all systems with state-of-the-art technologies and high-quality ergonomic control consoles.

International experience developing comprehensive projects with a unique business vision: design, conceptualization and execution.

GESAB has become a reference point within the sector thanks to its ability to adapt to the most stringent requirements and to the way of understanding just what its clients need. A 360 approach to projects enables the team to develop comprehensive solutions for any spaces, from lighting, ergonomics or safety to the technical furniture designed for 24/7 critical environments.

Take [Ctrl]

TAKE CONTROL has been the essence of GESAB for more than a decade. We put people at the center of the action, providing them with the best technology to maximize their productivity and efficiency in critical environments. We take the operability of control centers to another level and we are committed to the well-being of people.

Last generation dynamic KVM:

global information management

The ultimate tool to control and manage different sources of information within a control center or data center; a comprehensive solution that is revolutionising the way thousands of operators from all over the world work.

Thanks to DeskWall its user is now able to manage, handle and monitor different information sources remotely and with the maximum security guarantees using a single keyboard and mouse. A new way of laying out the workspace where the operator can at last enjoy maximum visual ergonomic thanks to now being possible to juggle the monitors on what is ostensibly a blank canvas.

An intuitive experience achieved by its ease to manage large quantities of information in a new work environment concept where the operator of the Control Room is positioned at the heart of the action with a tool that adapts to their needs.

Ergonomics, innovation and technology come together to offer the definitive work solution in critical environments

Control Consoles

The most advanced technical furniture for control room on the market: customizable ergonomic control consoles for the most demanding critical environments

Control Center​

Custom projects and technical furniture with an exclusive design and the highest quality and ergonomics: development of comprehensive solutions adapted to the needs of each project​

GESAB Meetings

Innovative spaces with integrated technology that facilitate decision-taking and create collaborative atmospheres, where people take centre stage​

KVM DeskWall

A comprehensive solution that has revolutionized the way of working in the control center, facilitating global information management and maximum visual ergonomics​

Custom designed control center for a mining in Chile

GESAB is guarantee for the future

GESAB’s greatest value lies in its global view of projects based on technology, its design, customisation, an excellent service and the full involvement of the working team. We get totally committed and take care of every detail. We face our client’s challenges as our own to provide the best possible solution.

World’s leading enterprises in each sector trust us

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