Services for control centers

Personalized services to boost the efficiency and operability
of your control center

Control centers are spaces where a wide variety of processes are managed and controlled, from security systems to handling large amounts of data. It is essential to have adequate space and the necessary systems to guarantee correct operation. At GESAB, we offer a wide variety of services for control centers that adapt to the specific needs of each client.

Consulting and custom design

Consulting allows us to know in detail the needs and the objectives of each client. Based on this information, we design a project that meets your needs and budget. Custom design, for its part, allows us to create personalized and unique solutions.

Modernization and virtual reality

We offer control center modernization services. This includes from the renewal of equipment and systems to the integration of new technologies such as DeskWall or DataWall. In addition, we also have virtual reality tools that allow us to visualize the final project in a realistic and detailed way to live in the present what will be the control center in the future.

Control center Graphic Packaging

Audiovisuals and systems

Audiovisual systems are essential in any control center. At GESAB we work with a wide variety of solutions in this field, from the installation of screens to the integration of sound systems.

Interior design and ergonomic and lighting studies

Interior design is a key aspect in any control center. For this reason, we have a team of interior design experts who are in charge of creating functional and attractive spaces. In addition, we also carry out ergonomic and lighting studies to guarantee the comfort and safety of workers.

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