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Our experience in control rooms has led us to create DeskWall, a universal management platform that enables seamless interoperability and connectivity of different systems and applications

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DeskWall is an innovative administration system for managing and controlling equipment and information sources that uses a single keyboard and mouse to optimize operator performance. GESAB has created a new working philosophy that gives the operator the ability to generate, with absolute flexibility, a display space of up to 12 Kh in which to organize all their applications, programs, web services, streaming sources, remote sources, virtual machines and widgets.

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Display space management

The DeskWall desk allows you to have a canvas where you can create your personal workspace. Customize the grids depending on your display needs and the type of sources. Move windows to other areas of the grid by only dragging and dropping and the source will automatically adapt.

Different areas. Different functionalities


The MIA (Main Interactive Area) area allows the user to position and adjust to full size any source with a single click, so that information is quickly and easily available in its main area.


When a source is dragged and dropped into a defined area with this type, the source will fit the full size of the defined area.


In these areas the size of the sources can be changed with a simple drag from its corner and adjust it to the desired size, being able to be above other windows.


When a source is dragged and dropped onto this kind of area, the source will fit the full size of the defined area. To interact with this source, it is necessary to click inside it and it will automatically move to the MIA area.


This area doesn't allow to be positioned sources inside it. If you drag and drop a source into this area, the source will be pushed back to the previous position. This area is oriented to the placement of widget and apps of DeskWall system.


The rows and columns define a grid in the area itself. When resizing a source in this zone, it will adjust itself to the previously defined rows and columns.


This area allows to place as many sources as necessary by the operator and display them on a rotating way.

Smart toolbar

Smart toolbar

Each source that is opened in DeskWall generates a window that has an intelligent toolbar at the top, the DeskWall ToolBar, which shows the icons of the different operations that can be performed on the window at that moment.

The system with more sources available

DeskWall is ready to display and access a huge number of information sources, such as remote access, Web Apps, encoders, multihead and video streaming, among others.

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Customize everything what you need. Yourself.

DeskWall has been designed to adapt to any user in any company or sector. Its ample customization options can be used to adapt all the features available in order to create the perfect system. The user or administrator has the freedom to generate their own layouts, save sessions with different configurations and sources, and can generate fully customized work areas in terms of both space and the different predefined areas offered by the system. In addition, each user can customize their own menus, define hot corners or shortcuts, change the desktop background, select different languages and a host of other options.

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Ease of use and administration

DeskWall not only makes it possible to manage a large number of information sources at once, but it is an essential tool for working more efficiently from day one. Its use is incredibly intuitive and greatly reduces the learning curve of the operator who will, from the word go, see their daily work transformed through more precise task management and improved decision-making.

Share and collaborate

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DeskWall provides the tools needed to turn your control centre into a collaborative environment that improves communication and decision-making.

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A user can share any of their windows with another user or group of DeskWall users as a source, a snapshot, or even give others permission to interact remotely.


In addition, DeskWall includes a widget for messaging among all the users, providing a fast, secure and efficient communication system.

DeskWall allows the operator launch any source to a video wall or audiovisual element in the room. Thanks to its connectivity with Datawall, operators can launch new sources, change the grid, bring sources from the videowall to their position and even capture sessions quickly and intuitively.

Visual Ergonomics

GESAB redefines the new standards of visual ergonomics for control rooms thanks to the Immersive Canvas. DeskWall is the technology that best adapts to the human eye.Sit in the middle of the action and enjoy a visual experience totally immersive and without distractions.

Ergonomics and Health. GESAB Health

DeskWall features a site with information and recommendations to improve the ergonomics and health of the user. These suggestions appear every so often in the system and remind users to do some type of physical activity that helps improve their health, showing them exercises and good practices to adopt when working for many hours in front of a screen.

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Speedy implementation

DeskWall relies on a a distributed database system, which can be used to reduce the configuration to only one computer, which will automatically and instantly synchronize this configuration with every DeskWall in the group. This way, the system will be up and running in record time; it can even be phased in so it doesn’t interrupt the installation at any point. The fast implementation of DeskWall radically reduces installation costs and lets the operator work immediately without having to wait for the entire installation to be operational, and without limiting the use of the computer.


30+ years of experience in control centres has given us a key insight into the specific needs of operators and of the need to adapt to new technological trends. DeskWall is constantly evolving, with a team of expert developers working day in and day out to offer the best information management system for control centres.

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