Technology and innovation combine in the interest of safety to provide 24/7 ergonomic chairs and monitor supports that can be adapted to meet the needs of control centers.

Critical work spaces

Control centers are, by definition, critical work spaces whose operational capacity must be fully ensured, in many cases on a 24/7 basis. These are environments in which the operator is subjected to the daily management of large quantities of information and from which key processes and tasks are controlled.

GESAB, control center experience

Thanks to over 28 years’ experience in the control center sector, GESAB has succeeded in developing solutions adapted to the specific needs of the users of this type of facility. Knowledge of daily control room activity and having specifically studied the problems faced by this type of working environment have proved decisive in the design and creation of our ergonomic accessories.

Occupational health and ergonomics

GESAB, together with specialists in ergonomic consultancy and research, have undertaken an exhaustive study into user behaviour in control rooms and how their health and performance is affected in the workplace. This is key information when it comes to knowing which aspects to improve and to putting forward proposals adapted to the needs of each project.

We offer outstanding proposals featuring the latest technology and capable of meeting the highest of standards and most stringent ergonomics regulations. Specific solutions such as our ergonomic chairs and screen supports, PC stands and even footrests. All of which are intrinsically linked with a commitment to quality and durability designed to offer the user a one-off experience.

The operator as focal point

GESAB bases the entire development of its solutions on the operator, whom it sees as the hub around which the control center’s activity revolves. It is for this reason that the concept of health within spaces of this type is taken a step further by attempting to provide suitable ergonomic responses. A commitment to innovation and research aimed at improving personal wellbeing and guaranteeing the operational continuity of our control rooms.

Ideas that have been transformed into a complete ergonomics and health programme for people working in critical environments. Solutions adapted to, and guidelines and recommendations on, visual and physical health which will drastically improve operator wellbeing and result in higher levels of productivity, performance and efficiency in GESAB control rooms.

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