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Advantis Pod

Advantis Pod, the modular control console

The Advantis series, a world reference in technical furniture, now adds a new modular console specifically designed for projects that require a high density of equipment. Pod combines the design, quality and durability of Advantis with a greater storage capacity that guarantees maximum operability in critical environments 24/7.

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Visual lightness

The successful design of the Advantis series can be appreciated in the lightweight side pieces, made from aluminium profiles and with the work surface distanced from the structure to deliver these streamlined optics that maintain a perfect balance between design and functionality.

Structurally robust

Advantis Pod features closed compartments integrated in the structure for maximum solidity and resistance, letting you comfortably and simply manage computer equipment, wiring and connections.

Consola de control Advantis Pod robustez

High equipment density

The technical compartments of Advantis Pod facilitate integration with a large number of terminals and wires, guaranteeing maximum functionality. The extensive range of available accessories lets you fully pivot each compartment to individual project and user requirements, ensuring best-in-class operability for the control position.

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The compartments are integrated in a dual cable tray system to insulate data energy. There is also an open structure to feed wires in from the side, stepping up ease of equipment installation and maintenance.

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All the compartments include multiple passive ventilation areas to ensure proper outdoor-indoor air flow, clearing the hot air mass and keeping the equipment in optimal operating conditions.

Modular design

Advantis Pod has been designed as a modular platform with a compartment-based structure that powers numerous setups, from individual consoles of different lengths to curved, double-sided and height-adjustable arrangements.

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Advantis Pod enables easy, convenient operator access, always upholding absolute control over the work position.

Customisation. Materials and finishes

Each GESAB project is unique and unrepeatable. Customisation and corporate adaptation is a critical element in delivering the best possible result.

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