Ergonomic supports

Discover a new approach to workstations thanks to GESAB`s innovative 24/7 ergonomic monitor supports. Maximum performance with an almost endless array of possible layouts.

24/7 Ergonomic supports

GESAB has set itself a goal: to develop ergonomic systems that guarantee operator safety in the workplace. Solutions that accompany the display systems and comply with the most stringent ergonomic and visual health standards. In short, solutions that help users perform their daily tasks, enhancing their efficiency and performance.

Our own systems for improving the user experience

GESAB uses a variety of technologies to adapt to the strictest of requirements and provide solutions that are both innovative and a guarantee of quality.

Simple ergonomic systems that can be used on all surfaces thanks to the attachment fitted to the console worktop. The perforation in the worktop enables the ergonomic arms to be oriented to grip the monitor arms. A simple and effective way of providing a system that offers the user optimum working conditions.

Acces Rail

The Access Rail system designed by GESAB provides a clutter-free work surface that leaves users all the space they might need. This is an attachment system situated on the frontal display part of the console, meaning that the worktop is left free. This solution means that the monitors can be placed in line and even higher up in a totally safe manner and offer the operator full access to the layout of the audiovisual area from the work station.

4D Ergonomic arms

The 4D system is a support designed to hang from a rail that allows the ergonomic arms to move both freely and easily. This system is ideal for the easy adaptation of the display systems to the needs of each operator. The user can move the monitors easily and adapt them to their particular needs with absolute freedom of movement.

Ergonomic arms for large-format screens

Advances in audiovisual technology make it possible to offer higher quality and larger solutions. Operators can now find themselves working on new consoles that provide resolutions of 4K and screen sizes of up to 65” per work station. Visual ergonomics within these spaces are considered critical and solutions featuring foldaway or retractable screen are beginning to make their mark.

GESAB has developed a series of ergonomic arms adapted to these large-format screens in order to offer the operator an exclusive experience and meet the most stringent of adaptability requirements.

Wirail Slide

Our 28 years’ plus experience in control centers has enabled GESAB to develop unique and innovative systems, of which Wirail Slide is but one. This ergonomic support system is located on top of the console work surface to provide maximum adaptability to the monitor arm at any point along its length. Its rail makes it possible for the arms to situate the display elements in their correct position wherever the user chooses.

This is one of the most versatile systems and it enables the console to evolve in accordance with the needs of both the room and the operator.

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