Advantis Air

Advantis Air

Minimalist, dynamic control console adapted to the new era of control centers

GESAB has developed the new Advantis Air, condensing 30 years of experience and knowledge in the design of technical furniture in a minimalist, dynamic control console adapted to the new era of control centers.

Designed to improve sustainability

GESAB has always opted for durability and adaptability as the best sustainability strategy. The high durability, parts optimization and quality of materials, as well as the ability to easily repair and replace any component of the console, make the Advantis Air series a product with a very long life cycle, an essential feature to care for the environment.

Furthermore, with the Advantis Air series GESAB goes one step further to improve sustainability by investing on the use of highly recyclable and reusable materials such as aluminum, forming up to 75% of the console estructure. And a whole 97% of the console estructure is made from recyclabe materials.

Designed to last. All GESAB products are designed to withstand the passage of time under the most demanding conditions.

The minimal expression of perfection

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