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Ergonomics, innovation, design and technology are the basic pillars upon which GESAB executes its projects for control centers

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GESAB began its trajectory in 1991 offering comprehensive solutions for control centers. An experience marked by always being at the forefront of innovation and offering all our clients results of the highest functionality and quality.

GESAB comprises a multidisciplinary team of designers, architects and engineers, enabling it to take a global approach to each project and offer 360° solutions. Comprehensive projects executed in a unique and exclusive manner to meet the client’s needs, with amazing results. The GESAB team also develops and implements studies on ergonomics, lighting, design and interiors to provide the rooms with maximum functionality and an individual character.

The control centres developed by GESAB have the most advanced technology integrated in them. All their designs and consoles are customised, namely created for each client, working from project conceptualisation through to execution to ensure maximum quality.

The integration of the most advanced technology is carried out in a subtle way, under the lines of the most minimalist design, housing a large number of equipment with optimal cable management, all within a safe, ergonomic and accessible environment for maintenance and cleaning tasks.

Adherence to Standard ISO 11064 guarantees compliance with the basic principles of control center design and ergonomics.

Ergonomic design of control centers. UNE-EN ISO 11064

Indicators and controls

Indicators and controls, as well as their interaction with the design of the hardware and software of control centers.

Environmental requirements

Thermal, lighting and acoustic environment, air quality, vibrations, aesthetics and interior design.

Arragement and dimensions

Standing or sitting position, including display screens equipments.


Assessment of the control room, job posts, screen and hands, as well as the working environment.

Layout of the rooms

Layout of posts, use of display devices at work posts and maintenance of the room.

Rooms and annexes

Layout of the rooms and their annexes based on the analysis of functions and on the tasks that need to be carried out.


Ergonomic and recommendations and requirements applicable to the design, extension, renovation and technological updating.

Ergonomic design of control centers. UNE-EN ISO 11064

Technical furniture for control rooms

Technical furniture that meets the highest standards in occupational ergonomics and safety. GESAB design and quality and security systems features in all control consoles to guarantee maximum functionality and performance in these types of critical environment. 24/7 work spaces where GESAB consoles are designed to fit around the operator.

Turnkey Projects

GESAB executes turnkey projects, from conceptualisation through to execution, where working alongside the client enables the development of completely customised and adapted control rooms. Everything from technical furniture, 24/7 ergonomic chairs, audiovisual equipment, interior design, raised access flooring and acoustic or light panels.

GESAB’s experience and know-how have transformed us into a design and execution benchmark with the capacity to tackle small and large challenges all over the world.

Comprehensive solutions for control centers

Complete, innovative solutions that are not only limited to control consoles for operators, but also cover ergonomic solutions and the most advanced technology. These include customised control panels that incorporate menus and displays. All this for the more sophisticated and technical environments where precision is key.

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DeskWall: The dynamic KVM for control centers

GESAB also supplies the latest KVM solutions for control rooms, with extenders, matrices, IP and multi-user platform. In keeping with our commitment to innovation, GESAB has developed the new generation of dynamic KVM: DeskWall. A revolutionary solution of high technology that puts the operator at the centre of the action thanks to channelling management, administration, system control and information sources through a single keyboard stroke or mouse click in a revolutionary concept: multi-canvas, taking visual ergonomics to a new dimension.

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