Control consoles

A new concept based on ergonomics and design, control consoles that make the operator the hub of the work space.

High performance consoles
for control centers

GESAB has been offering comprehensive solutions for control centers since 1991; solutions where concepts such as innovation, design and customization of control consoles prevail, which are created specifically for each project and each need.

As specialists in the design and manufacture of technical furniture for control rooms, all designs are based on the highest standards of ergonomics, safety and quality to guarantee an optimal and functional work environment, always meeting the expectations and needs of each client.

Control consoles for the operator

Advantis Series

The most versatile console designed by GESAB integrates the experience of a leading company, the know-how in control and decision rooms and the latest technology.

Actea Series

The first control console with a central column capable of adapting to each operator and centralizing all functions in a single space.

The key is the customization

GESAB has the ability to develop customized projects tailored to each client, thus creating unique projects. The technical furniture adapts to the highest demands to achieve corporate spaces, play with the brand image and make the control center being another way of communication in the company.

We help you to choose the personalized control console that best suits your needs:

GESAB is committed to the environment

GESAB is committed to the environment through durability, the use of recycled and recyclable materials and the ability to adapt as the best sustainability strategy. The high durability, optimization of parts and quality of materials, as well as the ability to easily repair and replace any component of the console mean that our technical furniture has a very long life cycle, an essential characteristic to take care of the environment and one of the main strategies of ecodesign.

GESAB consoles are designed to withstand the test of time under the most demanding conditions thanks to their timeless design, materials and quality modular manufacturing.

Greenguard gold GESAB

Greenguard Certified

Our control consoles have obtained the GREENGUARD certification, thus guaranteeing the positive impact on the air quality of the control centers generated by the materials used for their construction and demonstrating their concern for the care of the well-being and health of the operators.

Ergonomics and safety

A new concept of control consoles that reflects the brand's philosophy is born. It can be seen in the quality of the finishes and materials, the integrated technology and its design of clean, elegant and pure shapes. The technical furniture has been developed to provide installers, operators, maintenance and cleaning personnel with complete access so that the console is fully functional and accessible in any circumstance.

We merge technology and ergonomics:
optimizing productivity

The series of control consoles developed by GESAB combine technology and functionality. Designed to organise high-performance 24/7 technological environments with a high added value, they have the ability to adapt to each operator and centralise all functions within a single space.

consolas de control de GESAB silueteadas

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