A new concept of videowall manager

DataWall ensures optimum visual ergonomics of your videowall and a intuitive content control to achieve the maximum viewing efficiency

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a revolutionary videowall controller

GESAB has developed a new piece of equipment that redefines the way of accessing, sharing and showing the information in any display system

gráfico concepto DataWall

Following the evolution of critical environments to a more collaborative way of working, GESAB has created DataWall, a piece of equipment for the videowall administration configured ad-hoc according to the needs of each client. A powerful system capable of being used from any computer, tablet or mobile phone and with a very friendly and simple interface.

sources grid DataWall

Customize and manage the content, change the layout and information sources quickly and intuitively

Datawall mobile

Manage the videowall from any device thanks to the best content manager on the market

DataWall visualización

Adaptable to any display technology, resolution or format

Datawall sources

Guarantees the greatest number of type of information sources

DataWall is a piece of equipment ad-hoc configured

Easily customize videowall content as needs change, manage mixed sources in pre-defined grids and save the established designs to retrieve them when the situation requires. Access DataWall from any site and device, with different users simultaneously for faster and more efficient content control.

Operator points and DataWall

DataWall remote display

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