Minimalist given shape. Discover the ACTEA Slide console whose design hides the latest in innovation to create the definitive workstation

ACTEA Slide,
the ultimate control console

With its unique design, the new ACTEA Slide console is the perfect example of how minimal expression can be used to create an extraordinary fusion between technology and connectivity. Efficient management for the most demanding environments.

The new ACTEA Slide console has been designed to create a unique experience not only for the operator, but also for any users who interact with it. During the design, development and engineering phases, GESAB applies ergonomic guidelines, substantially enhancing user experience both with the solution and with the environments in which it is installed.

ACTEA Slide, created to surprise

Maximum minimalist expression

The concept of space taken one step further. The 360º design technique enables the console itself to be optimised and spaces to be developed for the operator’s use. Customisation is taken to another level with accessories such as Personal Dock or Personal Box.

A console that, in addition to being meticulously designed in its detail, adapts perfectly to any space or room thanks to its in-built versatility. Like all the consoles of the ACTEA family, the Slide adapts to any need.

Wirail Slide

Precision in every line

A perfect combination of shapes, colours and materials. A new control console that provides a unique experience. By taking care of every last detail, at GESAB we have gone above and beyond quality in our quest for excellence by using the best materials and combining the finest of finishes with the most advanced design to guarantee maximum satisfaction.

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