Systematised innovation and in-house manufacturing have transformed GESAB into an international benchmark in the control and data center sector. A leading company with all the principal international certifications.

GESAB manufacturing

GESAB stands out with the high quality of all its projects. Having manufacturing centres in Spain is one one of the key factors as it offers autonomy, flexibility and full quality control every step of the way. GESAB manufactures and assembles its own products at its facilities in Barcelona, from where it distributes them worldwide.

A team of engineers, designers, technicians and operators collaborate to produce one-off parts featuring the most advanced technology and forming the basis of many of the comprehensive solutions offered by GESAB. Materials, shapes and designs are personally chosen by the team and end up as state-of-the-art consoles or CPDs offering maximum energy efficiency. The same applies to the various components used to give our projects shape and form.

Furthermore, GESAB guarantees that the management systems used in all the processes and installations are conceived to minimise their environmental impact and are ISO 14001 certified. Sustainability and technology go hand-in-hand.

Colaboradores GESAB

The GESAB quality process

GESAB is in possession of the most important certifications, thereby guaranteeing work of the highest quality, not only in the development and execution of control and data center projects, but also in the most advanced KVM systems. Work wise, GESAB is in constant pursuit of excellence, and in this respect it has the backing of the most demanding bodies together with the highest manufacturing and production standards.

Technical office

A conceptual design is sent to our technical office, where it is transformed into a technical project plan. As the project begins to take shape the coordinated work carried out simultaneously between different departments becomes especially relevant. The process will involve the following teams: product engineering, process engineering, production, quality assurance and distribution.

At this stage of the process it is extremely important to have a thorough understanding of the client’s needs in order to develop a tailor-made project that meets all of their expectations and offers a profitable and effective solution.

Production, installation and assembly

GESAB exhaustively monitors the entire manufacturing process to always guarantee maximum quality. It is helped in this by the fact that all the necessary components and parts are manufactured in different sections. The technical development and detailed engineering employed lead to the creation of high quality parts that are made-to-measure for the various projects.

Validation and distribution

After having passed through the design, production and construction phases, the GESAB team carries out its internal quality assurance controls on every part manufactured. Process validation and product traceability are also taken into account. These exhaustive and stringent controls enable us to offer the client equipment and systems of the highest quality designed to have a long working life and be a guarantee for the future.

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