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The GESAB vision for meeting rooms

The meeting room table, the heart of the space

MEET means innovation, integration and design

The MEET meeting room table forms the core of the new family developed by GESAB, a family consisting of meeting room tables, AV units and AV wall units that create meeting rooms with the perfect atmosphere of cooperation to enhance communication and decision making.

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A Meet solution for every environment

Meet adapts to the needs of each project by offering a wide range of customised furniture designs in terms of dimensions and finishes.

Unified design, harmony in the air

MEET has a single geometric language that can be seen from the uniform design of its different furniture units, capable of creating perfect harmony in the environment to boost productivity. The minimalist and elegant design solutions for meeting and working rooms have an exceptional capacity to house all sorts of computer equipment.

AV Cabinet

A striking technical cabinet with an attractive design that blends into any environment.

Meeting room table

Large capacity for connection cables with an elegant, functional design and simple lines.

AV Wall Unit

Solution that offers both design and engineering. Wide range of finishes and advanced technical features.

meeet tecnico

Gentle on the eyes

Its perfect balance of being gentle on the eyes but yet offering structural robustness results in the best features with simple lines.

Hidden cable management

The open structure allows for efficient cable management, making installation and maintenance tasks easier.

meet technical

Unique solutions focussed on the success of the meeting

Exchanging ideas, decision taking and effective communication are the focus with MEET, creating innovative spaces that place people at the heart of the action. Its modular design provides the movement and innovation needed to create different and unique spaces.

Everything has its place with Meet

Meet improves the user experience

The attention to detail, quality of materials and smart solutions create an exceptional experience for the meetings of each customer.

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