The most spectacular series of closed consoles ever created using the very latest materials and design techniques. Discover the new ACTEA Series.

The new generation of control consoles

A new series of control consoles created to surprise, where the focus is on the user and ergonomics are taken to the extreme. An intuitive design that allows the development of consoles with a large equipment storage capacity and offers the operator a unique experience.

The ACTEA concept has led to the creation of 4 new consoles designed to adapt to any need and meet the most stringent demands.

concept of space

All the consoles of the new ACTEA series have different equipment integration capabilities.

Small Console

Based on a minimalist design with clean lines and a concentrated beauty, its strength is concealed within.

Medium Concept

The perfect balance between an innovative design and its great versatility, that enables it to adapt to any requirement.

Large Option

Maximum integration capacity. A console designed to offer the highest density of equipment per console on the market.

Ergonomics in motion

The Active Control philosophy forms part of the DNA of the new ACTEA Series to offer users a new way of relating with their workstation that is more dynamic, pleasant and collaborative.

All the consoles of the ACTEA series have the Sit & Stand lift system, a solution that allows working at double height and offers an ergonomic alternative for 24/7 critical environments.

UX+ User Experience

People as the centre of the action, as the hubs around which everything revolves. The basic idea behind the design of all GESAB consoles is to offer unique experiences to all users and make work as a whole in 24/7 critical environments easier.

Smart consoles

Consoles that merge the latest technology to offer smart and intuitive responses to each user. Integrated solutions such as LED console lighting, wireless charger, download buttons or customised operator spaces thanks to the Personal Dock and DeskWall integration, the new dynamic KVM developed by GESAB. In short, the creation of smart consoles designed today to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Wifi SignalA line styled icon from Orion Icon Library.

Charge point

Charge your device
directly to the console

Led Lighting

Signage of areas,
ergonomics and safety

Discharge button

User comfort
and well-being

Angle BracketsA line styled icon from Orion Icon Library.

Sit & Stand

Maximum operator

Direction Arrow GPSA line styled icon from Orion Icon Library.


User Experience,
inspiration in every touch

visual ergonomics

Contact us and GESAB will inform you about the details of the ACTEA series

precise design

At GESAB we take a step beyond quality, seeking excellence through the best materials and finishes with the most advanced design to guarantee maximum satisfaction.

Air Flow
cooling system

Thanks to the AirFlow system of the ACTEA Series, the equipment maintains an adequate temperature to guarantee its optimal functioning. The ultra-quiet fan system is designed to extract air without affecting the equipment. A powerful and innovative design for the latest technology in control consoles.

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