Advantis, synonymous with ergonomics, control and functionality. A console designed to lead change in high value-added technology environments

Advantis Evolution,
the benchmark in control centers

Advantis, synonymous with ergonomics, control and functionality. A console designed to lead change in high value-added technological environments.

Experience, research, design. The result of our engineers’ and designers’ permanent quest for perfection. What better way to describe Advantis? The technical console for control and decision centers that has set the bar for the market, bringing together innovation, functionality, elegance and solidity in a single model.

The evolution of versatility

Available and ready to use from the first moment. Precise and natural flexibility to suit every need and every operator in every work environment. Forms created by and for people. Advantis serves as the benchmark when organising technical areas with an unlimited scope for layouts by clearly differentiating the scape for computer systems from that designed for the user.

24/7 ergonomics

Advantis responds effectively to any requirement and technological 24/7 environment. Its ergonomic design ensures all activities are performed with maximum comfort and precision. People come first and Advantis forms the hub of their working day by anticipating their needs and providing a unique experience where everything is under control.

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Innovation and functionality

Merging the latest technology with the most innovative design and the highest quality. Perfect adaptation to any environment, in any industry, for any function. The latest control console concept to come out of a continuous model of innovation and creativity.

Differentiating elements

conexiones Advantis Evolution


Advantis unites the four techniques necessary for the organisation and management of all wiring and connections: surface connections, Technical Service Area, main conduit and wiring feeding. Maximum connectivity with maximum ergonomics and functionality.

viga Advantis Evolution

Structural beam

Central U-shaped beam with no limits to combine different structures, be they linear or curved, concave or convex configurations. All the accessories are designed to provide maximum interrelation between them, in order to offer a product range suitable for most needs in highly technological environments.

Advantis Evolution GESAB


High quality work surface for table and trays manufactured in phenolic compact and subjected to demanding tests and certified by the most prestigious bodies. Available in four basic colours: white, light grey, anthracite grey and beech, offering the possibility to adapt to any appropriate need at design, finish and color level.

Luz led Advantis Evolution


A console led lighting system is incorporated at the ends of each line. This system has a functional and safety argument, is red and identifies the console outlets. The lights identify, following the same passive safety values, the table outlets.

Ventilación Advantis Evolution


The perforated sides and doors enable the proper ventilation of the equipment installed in the closed compartment. If necessary, the ventilation could be forced by installing ventilators with an airflow of 925 m³/h (220V, 50Hz). Merging of the most advanced technology with a top quality cutting-edge design.

compartimento Advantis Evolution


Structure in an extruded aluminium framework, submitted to demanding tests in accordance with international standards that guarantee its quality and long lasting over time. Multiple configurations, with drawers, individual, double or triple, that adapt perfectly to any technical need.

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