ACTEA Max is the smartest and most advanced console yet to be created by GESAB. A revolutionary concept taken to the limit. Design and ergonomics as a way of life, from planning through to the last possible detail.

ACTEA MAX, innovation taken to the extreme

A definitive design with a central column adaptable to any operator, for any need. A more robust console thanks to its double elevation motor that allows you to work both standing and sitting, thus improving the health or productivity of the operators. A new way of collaborative work to create unique experiences.

Revolutionary concept taken to the limit

The most advanced control platform for control centers

Ergonomics and health

ACTEA Max was designed to meet the most stringent functional requirements, specifications and standards. Fully adjustable, including the slope of the desktop to make it even more ergonomic. Everything is within the operator’s reach thanks to the Personal Dock solution being integrated into its work surface, thus centralising all functions within a single space and in the exact place required to have everything under control.

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Design Meets tecnology

Absolute functionality combined with the most advanced design for control centers. Clean lines with a fully fitted interior. The result of design, engineering and innovation teamwork. The most advanced control platform, a console featuring the complexity of a design that is both rational and easy on the eye and yet still able to surprise.

Ultimate Design

The console is fully accessible for smart, quick and precise maintenance that avoids interruptions in the operation of the control center. A design that brings the future forward and lights the way for change.

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