ACTEA Mission, extraordinary functional dynamics

Discover the control console that achieves the perfect balance between design and technology.

A console designed with no limits

The goal: to design a superior console. The new ACTEA Mission, a console capable of offering maximum ergonomics, is here. Perfect connection between functionality and aesthetics. Powerful ways to have full equipment integration and the capacity to adapt to any need.

Intuitively designed control consoles

Designed to provide a great deal of storage capacity by making the most of the space available. Furthermore, these are consoles that are in tune with the elements that adjust their height and enable these to be connected simply between the upper and lower part. The vertical column system enables optimal integration of equipment and cable management.

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Human Centered Design

The GESAB philosophy places users at the centre of the action by developing control centers and healthy environments for anybody who has to interact with equipment and facilities, thereby ensuring high-performance and wellbeing at the workstation.

Performance in every fibre

Thanks to innovative techniques, GESAB has developed new work surfaces that adapt precisely to different needs. We can play with the design of the consoles, where the limits are established by the user, not by the space or the product.

With ACTEA Mission, as with all ACTEA Series consoles, barriers are a thing of the past. They can be adapted to any space, with no limitations, by experimenting with geometry, shapes, superficies continuas o independientes. Mobiliario técnico en otra dimensión.

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