Custom design of
control room

100% customised projects in which the client imagines and GESAB models the future, offering unique solutions and environments adapted to their real needs.

The value GESAB provides lies in our overall approach to our projects, everything from the choice of a colour to the layout of a center, from the pre-planning dialogue through to execution. Value that lies not only in the outcome, but also in the processes leading up to it.

GESAB develops and implements its projects working shoulder to shoulder with the client This enables us to design specific proposals adapted to meet the most stringent of needs. A multidisciplinary team made up of technicians, engineers and architects capable of tackling projects from all angles.

Professionals specialised in control and decision centers (monitoring centers, NOCs, SOCs, C5s) whose aim it is to design unique and customised projects of the highest quality that are fully adapted to the specific needs of every client while complying with the most stringent international ergonomic regulations.

So much more
than just interior design

Design combined with technology, interiors thought out to the very last detail to offer the client a new way of understanding critical spaces. GESAB tackles every aspect of the control room development process from scratch to provide turnkey projects that include everything from the raised flooring to the false ceiling, lighting, HVAC and acoustics. 360º projects that enable our clients to place their trust in an international benchmark company capable of designing and creating fully equipped made-to-measure work environments.

An opportunity for design to assert itself as a corporate and brand-based tool and for using the control center as a space that projects the organisation’s corporate image. For showing the best of every project.


GESAB complies with the most stringent certifications, standards and controls. Our work is based on regulations that demand compliance with the fundamental concepts associated with ergonomic control room design.

These include the UNE-EN 11064 standard, which regulates all the parameters to be considered when constructing a control center. And the ISO TC159 standard, established by the Technical Committee for the design of control centers, operation stations and system displays.

Above and beyond

GESAB designs and carries out ergonomic studies into all the conditions that affect how the operators perform at their workstations. This includes, for example, lighting conditions, both natural and artificial, HVAC, audiovisual elements and technical furniture and seating.

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