ACTEA Air Traffic Control, designed to improve efficiency

ACTEA ATC combines design, innovation, technology and experience to evolve in the way of controlling and operating in the work centers of these critical environments.

New generation of air traffic control consoles

Winglet Surface

Space optimization using attractively designed shapes of great capacity. The idea behind the ACTEA ATC is to provide a clean and organised work space free from distractions and, at the same time, with easy access to the different connections, the focus being on improving the ergonomics for the operator.

We have developed a smooth transition of forms between the work area and the front panel through the Personal Hub, where the operator will find an area from which to interact with the different connections.

Unibody Design

GESAB has designed a minimalist console with a unique structure that allows the operator to work in a space formed by clean and efficient lines. Its compact design is based on a single-piece structure that paves the way for the control centers of the future.

Our air traffic control consoles have been designed to adapt to any operating need and function, including display systems, frontal design and equipment integration.

The extreme optimization of the space allows for extensive equipment storage capacity with a comprehensive management of cables and connections. The design of the double-height central column offers direct communication between the various external compartments while concealing equipment and wiring.

A console manufactured using the finest materials to achieve a durable and reliable result and ensure continual operability.

High equipment capacity

Special display screens, accessories for managing the ergonomics of auxiliary monitors and touch screens, easy access to Personal Hub, special printers of flight cards and the design adapted to chip bays are just a few of the features that GESAB incorporates into its exclusive air traffic control consoles.

The ACTEA ATC has been designed and manufactured to achieve maximum durability and reliability. A one-piece chassis, high-quality materials and an ergonomic design guarantee the console’s continual operability. The future of your control center guaranteed.

User experience

The ACTEA ATC console was designed with the operator conceived as its core and prioritising the integration of specific equipment and functionalities. Easy access to all the internal areas insures the full operability of all of the equipment and corresponding wiring.

The console is designed to guarantee maximum accessibility and to facilitate the duties of not only the operator, but also the installation and maintenance personnel. GESAB offers a console with high standards of safety, comfort and functionality.

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