Meeting room
and boardroom design

Innovative spaces with integrated technology intended to facilitate the taking of decisions and creation of collaborative atmospheres, an exclusive concept for the design of meeting rooms, boardrooms and video conferencing rooms.

GESAB creates spaces thinking about the meeting

Designed to facilitate communication and the exchange of ideas, these are innovative spaces that encourage decision taking by putting people right at the hub of the action. The design of meeting, board and video conferencing rooms in which ergonomics and technology play a key role.

A concept, a completely customised solution for adapting to different needs and work spaces such as corporate rooms, decision rooms, critical 24/7 environments and technical offices. The GESAB team carries out a full study of lighting, ergonomic, HVAC conditions, etc., prior to the design and implementation of comprehensive projects and exclusive solutions.

GESAB specialises in offering global solutions for one-off and turnkey projects. Customised studies enable the design of spaces that are fully adapted to provide unique results.

The essence
of the meeting

The GESAB process

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The overall conception of the project and the design of singular spaces for facilitating the taking of decisions within any type of environment, even in the most critical.

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Design and manufacture

In-house designs and “made by GESAB” manufacturing, which give us full control over the production process and the guarantees this involves.

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Special and turnkey projects 100% adapted to the needs of our clients. Detailed studies for achieving excellent results.

Engineering and manufacture

Interior design

Customised environments

Display systems


Collaborative systems

Encrypted microphone system

Intuitive automation

Optimized lighting

Digital signage

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We help you with your next project

The integration of technology is fundamental for being able to offer a high-quality functional product. Making it possible to control data, images, sound, energy, the transmission of information, all from a single point. Likewise, the possibility of incorporating the Personal Dock that gives every user quick access to energy, audio, voice and data connectors. An integration based on a design with clean, uniform lines.

Quality of finishes

Innovation in tables for meeting rooms

With innovation as the starting point and meeting the client’s expectations as the goal, GESAB’s work is based on an eye for detail and full customisation. Movement. Modularity. Unique, original and brilliant solutions for creating new parameters in every type of meeting room. GESAB design and quality focusing on increasing user efficiency and wellbeing are present not only in its small meeting tables, but also in the execution of major projects.

Corporate rooms

A clear commitment to technology and customisation. GESAB designs and implements exclusive projects that involve working alongside the client to ensure all their needs are met. Its capacity to tackle projects individually enables the company to create unique corporate spaces that help strengthen both the client’s brand and company image.

Ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic, modern and perfectly adapted to the needs of the project, our meeting room chairs comply with the most stringent requirements. At GESAB we have all the elements needed to corporatise the places where people gather and hold meetings.

Our in-house designs and manufacturing enable us to offer comprehensive, adapted and functional solutions with ergonomics and comfort always to the fore. GESAB helps create collaborative communications experiences using integrated technology, a new concept in meeting rooms.

Continuous collaboration with the client

Our team constantly works with and alongside the client from the onset of the project,. This means we tackle the conceptualisation phase with every guarantee and in the sure knowledge that we are working only on those ideas that will be of the greatest benefit to our clients.

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