Technology in control centers

Technological solutions to boost operator efficiency

Advanced technology for control centers

Control centers are undergoing a revolution in the way they are designed, built and used. Advances in technology have allowed the creation of an environment adapted to current needs that facilitates collaborative work and decision-making in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. GESAB is a leader in the implementation of technology in control centers due to its extensive experience and knowledge in the design, development and installation of customized solutions of advanced technology for control rooms in different sectors.

We have a team of highly trained professionals specialized in different areas, such as engineering, computing, electronics and software development, who work together to offer integrated and cutting-edge solutions that allow a more efficient and effective management of control centers. In addition, GESAB focuses on offering solutions adapted to the specific needs of each client, which implies personalized attention and a detailed study of the requirements of each project to achieve a successful implementation.

Tecnología para centros de control - DESKWALL
Tecnología para centros de control - DESKWALL LOGO

Improves the efficiency and ergonomics
in the control centers

DeskWall is a dynamic management system that allows the integration of different types of information in the operator control screens in a simple, dynamic and personalized way. It is such a versatile platform that can work as a dynamic KVM or become a universal control center control system. Its possibilities are endless. DeskWall's versatility is impressive, as it can function as the best KVM over IP on the market, as the only dynamic KVM system or as a complete universal control system for the control center, allowing global interoperability and connectivity of different systems, applications, processes or sources of information in a fluid, efficient and uninterrupted way. Its possibilities are endless.

Tecnología para centros de control - DATAWALL LOGO

Videowall management to improve collaboration

Videowall systems allow better visualization and management of information in real time, which facilitates collaboration between operators, improving efficiency in decision-making.

In addition, GESAB’s DataWall controller system allows native integration with DESKWALL and other collaborative areas, which enables a more efficient and simplified management of the set of tools, democratizing the content of the videowall and making it really useful for the operation of the control center.

Tecnología para centros de control - DESKWALL
Tecnología para centros de control - APITOOL
Tecnología para centros de control - APITOOL LOGO

Automation of any type of action in your control center

The APITOOL Manager system is capable of integrating any type of action that requires a reaction, from alerts and alarms to security, home automation and IoT systems. This offers a wide range of possibilities for control centers to respond efficiently to emergency situations and manage information more effectively.

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