Functionality in its maximum expression, design at the service of flexibility. Discover the Tecnolan Series, designed to meet any challenge.

Professional organisation system

Tecnolan sees GESAB take yet another step forward in the design and development of technical furniture. A professional organisation system with extensive market exposure that has succeeded in meeting the highest expectations thanks to its easy set-up and installation and its superior performance.

Maximum adaptability

Thanks to its design, Tecnolan creates modular environments that guarantee adaptability and, if necessary, future growth. Its rack system makes for fast and safe installation. A modular architecture with maximum flexibility capable of adapting to any project, equipment, interior space or client requirement.

A precise piece of technical furniture thanks to its engineering and steel production techniques that make its structure both robust and strong.

Efficient wiring del management

Thanks to its vertical and horizontal cable duct-based configuration, Tecnolan can take a large number of wires without any problem. Its technical service area located in the rear enables the wiring and the active and passive equipment to be fully organised and managed out of sight both safely and tidily.

Adaptability to any demand

The Tecnolan technical furniture solution can be adapted to any sector. Its wide range of components and accessories can be fully adapted to all professional disciplines that require high added value technical solutions. Endless configurations that create the most complete and versatile organisation system on the market.

TECNO LAN is ideal for sectors as varied as IT, security, laboratories, engineering, control centers, education, offices, training, banking and a host of other applications.

Ergonomics and functionality

Thanks to its advanced innovation and technical development systems GESAB has been able to develop a comprehensive solution while complying with the most stringent ergonomic standards. A design capable of offering the operator a functional work space that is highly adaptable and provides plenty of room for equipment.

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