Ergonomic chairs,
maximum performance

Strength and durability are essential in this type of solution. To guarantee the durable quality of the product, our chairs are made using only the very latest materials, which provide users with a unique experience and help with their performance and productivity.

Ergonomic chairs for control centers

Ergonomic chairs that adapt to any user in any circumstance. Thanks to their height-adjustable seats, backrests and armrests, our ergonomic 24/7 chairs are designed to adapt to any user and withstand continuous control center activity. Chairs that automatically adjust to the needs of the human body and whose dynamic backrests and lower back supports provide users with an invisible functionality so that they can enjoy manning their workstations.

A design that goes above and beyond aesthetics in search of personal comfort and wellbeing. Thanks to advances made in the engineering and in their design itself, our ergonomic chairs provide full lower back, neck and leg support. Dynamic solutions designed to provide freedom of movement.

Invest in ergonomics and health

The GESAB Health philosophy is a commitment to finding ergonomic solutions that help keep work environments safe and healthy for every user in the room. Our 24/7 chairs are a fundamental component of the control center due to the inherently sedentary nature of the work carried out there.

All of the ergonomic chairs supplied by GESAB comply with the principal ergonomic standards for 24/7 chairs. This represents a firm commitment to the operator’s health and to providing them with the best equipment for their daily work tasks. Quality solutions in line with the strictest of standards that meet the most demanding of expectations.

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