Angola Telecom Control Center

Background and Challenges

Angola Telecom needed to renew its facilities in the capital, Luanda. RD Systems, a Portuguese company dedicated to the development of comprehensive solutions for crisis rooms, finally was the winner of the public tender offering a comprehensive and custom solution to the needs raised by the client with a turnkey project with the incorporation of our Advantis NG console, a clearly differentiating factor concerning other companie’s propositions.


It was decided to install the Advantis NG, a state-of-the-art console with the Sit & Stand system and an ideal wiring management that adapted perfectly to the specific needs of Angola Telecom. The control room included the installation of 12 operator positions, 4 Change Management positions, 1 superintendent position and another of environmental superintendent. All these positions integrated in a single functional and technological environment, ready to operate.


The work with the customer allowed to develop a custom technical furniture, achieving a full comprehensive solution. The relationship between GESAB and RD Systems already has extensive experience and the good experience of this project led to the development of new ones like the EDP Eléctrica de Lisboa.

Client: Angola Telecom
Country: Angola
Sector: Telecommunications and Internet
About Angola Telecom: Angola Telecom is a public company provider of telecommunications and internet services and the most relevant in the country in the provision of communication and mobile phone services.

Data sheet


Installation of technical furniture.


Advantis NG



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