GESAB carried out the design, conceptualization, automation and the civil works of the corporate showroom. The work was developed with top quality materials such as aluminum on the wall and porcelain technical floors.

Much of this modernization and adaptation work was done during the night, since in the plant where the showroom was placed the employees of the company continued working. In this way, GESAB adapted to the needs of the client making the impact of the work as less stressful as possible.

Due to the satisfaction of DIMETRONIC with GESAB and its good experience with the execution and the result of the project, they once again had our services for their new showroom in SIEMENS, a space inaugurated by the Spanish King. In addition to automating the entire space, they expanded it by installing a meeting room for management.

Country: Spain
Sector: Commerce and Industry
Subsector: Railroad Transport
About DIMETRONIC: Dimetronic is responsible of the signage technology of 1.350 Kilometers high speed tracks and 420 kilometers urban tracks, 275 of them at the Madrid subway, 2000 2,000 equipments embarked on commuter trains and high speed trains and 2,300 in metropolitan operators, 950 of them in Metro de Madrid.

Data sheet


Corporative showroom


Videowalls 3×3 + 3×3

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