New control center for Mahou San Miguel Group

The plant of Lleida of the Mahou San Miguel Group needed to install a control center from which manage and monitor the manufacture of their products on site. As there was no space in the industrial building for this function, GESAB built the entire room, having to design from the beginning the technical interior design of the cubicle where the technical furniture and audiovisual systems would later be installed.

Sala de Control Grupo San Miguel

The control consoles selected were Advantis Evolution, whose ergonomic design allows all activity to be carried out with maximum comfort and precision. The consoles were complemented by ergonomic monitor arms and 24/7 ergonomic chairs that offer operators a safe and healthy work environment.

A small complementary meeting table for three positions was included in the room, so that they could have a discussion space for decision-making.

A 2×1 LCD videowall makes it easy for operators to track alarms and alerts over the manufacturing chain.

San Miguel Sala de Control
Client: Mahou San Miguel Group
Country: Spain
Sector: Industrial & Infrastructure
About Mahou San Miguel Group: Mahou San Miguel Group is the beer company leader in Spain and the most international. They produce the 70% of the spanish beer that is drunk in the world.

Data sheet


Implementation and reform fo the Control Center


Advantis Evolution Control Consoles, ergonomics accesories and LCD videowall


8 operators

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