Implementation of the control center of Veolia Madrid

Background and Challenges

Once again, Veolia relied on GESAB to carry out the installation of its new Energy Efficiency Center this time in Madrid. Following the good experience of the control room in Zamudio, Vizcaya, Veolia again sought to create a highly technological work space to manage the vast amount of information and data with which they work.

Veolia Madrid control center


GESAB proposed a turnkey design in which the corporate image was enhanced and functionality and ergonomics excelled. The project had a control center, a room for the head of the room and a meeting room.

The innovative design and technical features of the Advantis NG console made it the chosen one for the project as the technical furniture around which the whole design is structured. One of the details that incorporate the consoles is the backlit logo on the sides to customize them to the maximum.

Veolia Madrid control consoles

The ergonomic chairs 24/7 and the 55” 3 x 2 LCD video wall completed the set.


The work of GESAB in terms of conceptualization, design, customization and execution of the project created the bases of Veolia’s Hubgrade Center in Madrid. The high component and fundamental role of the corporate image in the room make it the perfect example of comprehensive project, customization and functionality.

The design of the room will be used as a standard for the next centers to be developed in the future, to help make Veolia an even more visible and recognized brand.

sala reuniones Veolia Madrid
Veolia logo
Client: Veolia
Country: Spain
Sector: Energy
About Veolia: Veolia is an energy and environment management services company, dedicated mainly to the maintenance, operation and adaptation of buildings, facilities and complexes of different nature, in order to improve its performance, efficiency, safety and comfort at a lower cost.

Data sheet


Turnkey project of the control room: Conceptualization, design and installation.


Advantis NG Consoles, 55” 3×2 Video Wall, ergonomic chairs 24/7



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