Advantis Evolution control consoles in the 112 Valencia service

The control center of the Generalitat Valenciana 112 service renovated its technical furniture through the 100% personalizaed Advantis Evolution control console installation, a model designed by people for people. An ergonomic model with unlimited capacity of configurations able to adapt to the highest needs of all types of 24/7 critical environments.

112 Valencia control room
112 Valencia Sala Control
Client: 112 Comunitat Valenciana
Country: Spain
Sector: Seguridad y Defensa
About 112 Comunitat Valenciana: The 112 telephone is a citizen service in all the country that are in a situation of personal or collective risk. From the center of the Comunidad Valenciana requests from that area are attended.

Data sheet


Renovation of the technical furniture of the control room


Personalized Advantis Evolution contro consoles


20 operators

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